The Art of 9/11 @ Apex Art: Arthur C. Danto
A talk on the intersection of art and philosophy by , Prof. Emeritus of Philosophy, Columbia University and art critic who curated The Art of 9/11, an exhibition at Apex Art in New York (Sept. 7-Oct. 15, 2005) featuring responses by artists to 9/11. The exhibition aims to show how art actually embodies grief and to reflect on how artists dealt with the attack. The artists: Audrey Flack, Leslie King-Hammond, Jeffrey Lohn, Mary Miss with Victoria Marshall and Elliott Maltby, Lucio Pozzi, Ursula Von Rydingsvard, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Westman, Robert Rahway Zakanitch.

I am not a curator, but I felt that such a show would itself be understood not as an ordinary art exhibition, but as what Wittgenstein calls an act of piety, and serve as an aspect of the question of what art is after all for, and how it, just as Hegel had said, serves, together with religion and philosophy, as a moment in what he called Absolute Spirit. -- Prof. Danto from the exhibition essay.
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