Taraka Larson, photo by Emily Reo
Taraka Larson, photo by Emily Reo
Taraka Larson, The Now Age
Hosted by Joe Ahearn
Originally aired 3/12/12

Recordings from Taraka Larson's presentation of her work, The Now Age, a multi-media dissection of contemporary conceptions of time in the context of music and its relationship to symbology, particularly in the transference from metaphor to kitsch. The presentation is followed by a panel of artists discussing these themes and their relationship to pop culture and American history. Panel participants include moderator Jon Kessler, small press publisher Jesse Hlebo, and Hunter Hunt-Hendrix of the band Liturgy.

Taraka Larson, along with her sister Nimai, perform as Prince Rama, a group that very much subscribes to the key points of The Now Age.

Excerpt from Now-Age.org:
"In the Now Age, the music concert should serve as a bridge between worlds. This is not limited to an elite group of bands. Any band can participate in activating this potential. The concert utilizes many ancient religious strategies of icon worship, call and response chanting, group mentality, martyrdom, out-of- body experiences, and transformation of the physical environment to create a metaphysical liminal space filled with shock and awe. It is a mass concentration of simultaneous chaos and ecstasy, a ritual sacrifice in which the performer and audience both give their lives."

To learn more about The Now Age we recommend the book of the same name, available through the arts book publisher Swill Children.

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