Sister Gertrude Morgan. Photograph by Sylvia de Swaan.
Sister Gertrude Morgan. Photograph by Sylvia de Swaan.
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Sister Gertrude Morgan
Hosted by Jeannie Hopper
Originally aired 9/9/10

Host Jeannie Hopper takes us on a journey into the life of Sister Gertrude Morgan (1900-1980), a preacher, musician, poet, and artist who resettled in New Orleans at the age of 39 to "carry God’s message to the headquarters of sin." In 2010 a renewed interest in her gospel infused album Let's Make a Record was fueled by a re-release and remix that involved Andy Blackman Hurwitz of Rope a Dope Records , Ben Jaffe of Preservation Hall and Producer/DJ King Britt. Hear them tell their story and her story and listen to the music on this special segment (30 minutes).

For more on Sister Gertrude Morgan including pictures we found some pretty fabulous stuff online. Polka dots, quilted texts, geometrics, odd portraits, wild patterns, and loud colors dominate... plus other entertaining and troubling stuff that seems to orbit the work of the self-taught outsider.

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