Sumeida's Song
Sumeida's Song
Prototype Festival, Sumeida's Song
Hosted by Pete McCabe
Originally aired 12/24/12

Host Pete McCabe discusses Sumeida’s Song, an opera by Mohammed Fairouz, with the composer and the project's conductor, Steven Osgood. It follows the story, adapted from the famous play Song of Death by Tawiq El-Hakim, of a young man returning to his Egyptian village, the expectation of his avenging his father’s murder, and the price of his resistance to violence. Sumeida’s Song will be the first Arab-American opera to be fully produced on an American stage. They also discuss the music, the piece's contemporary relevance and aspects of Mr. Fairouz’s role in contemporary opera.

A production of the opera will be staged at HERE Arts Center in New York City, January 9-11, 13 (matinee), and 14-15, 2013 as part of the PROTOTYPE Festival.

PROTOTYPE: Opera/Theatre/Now: is an annual festival of visionary opera-theatre and music-theatre works by pioneering artists from New York and around the world. This two-week curated event will be occur annually at HERE and other downtown theatre venues beginning in January 2013.

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