VnessWolfCHild performing live
VnessWolfCHild performing live
Planets Around the Sun & VnessWolfCHild (Live)
Originally aired 11/26/12

Recordings from the opening reception for Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels' 2012 Crystal Cavern installation at the Clocktower that features music by VnessaWolfCHild, Planets Around the Sun, and sound and light design by Terence Caulkins.

VnessWolfCHild (Vanessa Cronan) calls herself an Interactive Ritual Healing Performance Artist. Living outside Philadelphia, she is part of Dawn of the Universe; a former member of Wildway, a music collaboration with Adriana Atema; and member of the art collective, Rabid Hands, who make experiential art/music "situations".

Planets Around the Sun is a psychedelic, noise, far-out folk band of visual and sound artists from Maine.

NOTE: This program is posted in two parts so listeners can use their media player to jump quickly from one set to the other.

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