Paul Muldoon.
Paul Muldoon.
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Paul Farley & Paul Muldoon
Originally aired 6/11/10
Paul Muldoon, that most eminent of contemporary poets, reads two of his short poems and introduces Paul Farley, that ever-increasingly-preeminent contemporary poet, who reads several works from his 2010 collection, The Atlantic Tunnel, along with Robert Frost's sonnet The Silken Tent, a kind of opening pitch for his first reading in the United States. These two remarkable writers then engage in a conversation that wends between considerations of the weight and significance--if not quite the anxiety--of influence and artistic traditions, the value of teaching and being taught poetry and the Beatles' LSD-supplying dentist. Muldoon isn't afraid to ask about inspiration or method, and neither is he afraid to ask Farley to just read the poems (39 minutes).
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