Cover art from Psychophagi featuring Zarzutzki & Nick Hoffman duo
Cover art from Psychophagi featuring Zarzutzki & Nick Hoffman duo
Neon Marshmallow: C. Spencer Yeh and Zarzutzki
Hosted by Joe Ahearn
Originally aired 10/24/11

At the Clocktower Gallery on Oct. 13, 2011 --and over the following weekend at Public Assembly in Williamsburg-- the Chicago-based Neon Marshmallow produced a mini-festival of extreme and experimental music. This recording documents the performances by C. Spencer Yeh and Zarzutzki, in solo and duo combinations, at the Clocktower during the opening reception.

Established in October of 2009, Neon Marshmallow is an international event organization that is dedicated to the promotion and development of advanced audio, progressive electronics, new music media, and alternative club music. The central platform and principal activity is the now annual event presentation that takes place in Chicago. Neon Marshmallow programming aims to create a working environment for audio and visual artists by providing an outlet for creative minds that will reach audiences world-wide.

C. Spencer Yeh was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1975, moved to the US in 1980, studied radio/television/film at Northwestern University, and is now based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Yeh is active both as a solo and ensemble artist, as well as with his primary organized sound project, Burning Star Core. As an improvisor, Yeh has developed a distinct personal vocabulary using violin, voice, and electronics.

Aaron Zarzutzki is a Chicago-based improvisor. You can find him performing weekly in and around Chicago, playing free jazz, EAI, noise and house music as well as showing work in the visual arts. He is known for his self made electronics and as a turntablist.

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