Muck in the Clocktower recording studio
Muck in the Clocktower recording studio
Muck Interview
Hosted by Joe Ahearn
Originally aired 1/14/13

Joe Ahearn sits down and speaks with the Icelandic hardcore/punk band Muck. As the winter 2013 Clocktower band in-residence, the group discusses their experience in New York and their music. During the interview, the band plays their newly recorded songs Ferming, Wake Sleep, and an in-studio improvisation. The segment also features songs by Klink, Zewd, and Swirlies, some of Muck's influences.

The five band members featured in this in-studio performance include Ási Thórdarson on drums, Fridrik Helgason as engineer, Indridi Arnar Ingólfsson on guitar and vocals, Karl Torsten Ställborn on guitar, and Loftur Einarsson on bass.

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