Marguerite Young
Marguerite Young
Marguerite Young Interview (1976)
Hosted by Charles Ruas
Originally aired 8/13/12

This program introduces the novel Miss Macintosh, My Darling by author Marguerite Young (1908-1995). This under-recognized masterpiece of American literature was read on the air over the course of a year, as part of Charles Ruas' radio Reading Experiment of 1976-77. In similar form to the Angel in the Forest segment, Anaïs Nin provides a poetic introduction for the author. Charles Ruas then conducts an intimate and revealing interview with Marguerite Young in the WBAI studio. Often compared to James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, Young's novel resonates with unique and poignant observations of American culture, in an epic and surrealist poetic prose. It took Young eighteen years of work to complete this dense, two volume novel.

This program has been created with the assistance of Charles Ruas; and by agreement with The Yale Beinecke Library, home to the Marguerite Young Papers. Special thanks to Dr. Contance Eichenlaub for her passion and generosity.