Fetus, Leonardo Da Vinci
Fetus, Leonardo Da Vinci
Johanna Drucker Conversation
Hosted by Charles Bernstein
Originally aired 7/11/11

Johanna Drucker in conversation with Charles Bernstein. The program starts with Bernstein's provocative question, "are you a poet, an artist, a fiction writer, a scholar, a designer or an aesthetician — or aren't you the kind that tells?" and an exploration of Drucker's initial answer, "I'm a writer who makes books." They also explore the role of fantasy throughout Drucker's work, and discuss the integral role of design to her poetics as well as the ways that her critical study of materiality shapes her work. Much of the second half of the show is concerned with A to Z, a groundbreaking work in the development of Drucker's writerly sensibilities, including an explanation of its compositional methods, and this segues into considerations of digital design.

Johanna Drucker is a book artist, poet, and scholar whose work focuses on the history of the book, print culture, and design. She is the author of A Century of Artists Books, Theorizing Modernism, Sweet Dreams: Contemporary Art and Complicity, and most recently, Spec Labs. Drucker is Martin and Bernard Breslauer Professor of Information Studies at UCLA. Explore more of Johanna Drucker's work at PennSound.

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