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Ethan Hawke, Clement Joseph and Val Vinokur, Night Wraps the Sky
Originally aired 6/16/08

Ethan Hawke, Clement Joseph and Val Vinokur read from Night Wraps the Sky: Writings by and About Mayakovsky; the event was recorded on May 28, 2008. Mayakovsky, the leading poet of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and of the early Soviet period, was one of the founders of Russian Futurism movement. Originally Mayakovsky planned to become an artist, and his early poems have strong painterly visions and sequences in many of his works recall film techniques. He was imprisoned on three occasions for subversive political activities, but being underage, he avoided transportation. During a period of solitary confinement in Butyrka prison in 1909, he began to write poetry, but his poems were confiscated. On his release from prison, he continued working within the socialist movement, and in 1911 he joined the Moscow Art School where he became acquainted with members of the Russian Futurist movement. He became a leading spokesman for the group Gileas.

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