Photo by DaveBleasdale, from Flickr, 2005.
Photo by DaveBleasdale, from Flickr, 2005.
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Erica Hunt, My Life with Cars
Originally aired 6/27/11

Poet and author Erica Hunt reads her new short story My Life with Cars, published in BOMB Magazine's Summer 2011 issue as a part of their Fiction for Driving Across America series. Hunt has published three poetry collections, Piece Logic, Local History, and Arcade, done in collaboration with artist Alison Saar. She's also had poems published everywhere from the American Book Review to Tripwire, including a previous piece in BOMB. In this non-fiction tale, Hunt tells the story of how cars have affected her life, taking us through her history with them, step by step and car by car.

This segment is co-produced with BOMB Magazine and is also available as a podcast on their BOMBlog.

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