DJ Shakey
DJ Shakey
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DJ Shakey, The Illustrated Interview
Hosted by Jeannie Hopper
Originally aired 1/30/12

Jeannie Hopper sits down with Julie Covello aka DJ Shakey to talk Hobo-tech, Electro-Swing, her snowboarding beginnings, life at the living party known as Rubulad, her passion for alternative audio controllers, Ableton Live, the musician/inventor known as Moldover, the birth of the Warper Party phenomenon, her own musical productions with FreebassBK (with Aaron Goldsmith), and her 2011-12 project residency--DJ Shakey's Audio Control Adventure--at the Clocktower Gallery.

As founder of Shakey's Record Fair and The Warper Party, DJ Shakey is a leader in New York's Controllerism movement. She has performed at almost every major New York nightclub, is resident DJ for the Gotham Girls Roller Derby, and is a contributing editor of the website DJ Shakey is wholly focused on emerging talent and innovation. She won a student Academy Award for the hip hop film she wrote in the 80s, she was on the very first snowboard instruction team at Hunter Mountain, NY in the 90s, and she is currently a founder of and advocate for the "Controllerism" movement in electronic music performance. Shakey produces and hosts the Warper Party Radio Extravaganza on along with her partner Banginclude. More jellyrolls at DJ Shakey

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