"The Girl From Monaco" movie poster.
"The Girl From Monaco" movie poster.
Anne Fontaine, The Girl From Monaco
Hosted by Stephen Schaefer
Originally aired 8/27/10

A leading writer-director in France, Anne Fontaine turns the tables on the beautiful but limited woman who uses her sexuality to get ahead in the blackly comic The Girl From Monaco (La fille de Monaco). The great Fabrice Luchini stars as a middle-aged celebrity lawyer defending a matron(legendary Chabrol star Stephane Audran, in a nearly silent role)
in the municipality of the late Princess Grace. Girl traces an unexpected love triangle between the lawyer, the local TV weather girl (Louise Bourgoin, a marvellous discovery who had previously been an actual TV weather girl) and the lawyer’s Zen-like bodyguard (Roschdy Zem, of the
Oscar-nominated Algerian World War II film Indigènes) (31 minutes).

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