Caetano Veloso
Caetano Veloso
RADIO // Sonoridade
A Cabeça Música: Caetano Veloso 70 Years Young
Hosted by Béco Dranoff
Originally aired 11/12/12

Fresh from an extended stay in São Paulo, host and producer Béco Dranoff is dedicating this show to the great and vivacious Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso, who turned 70 this year. Veloso's first recording was in '67, and he has now exceeded over 50 records. He still records, tours and releases music to this day. A highly celebrated figure in Brazil, Veloso's opinions and ideas is routinely followed by the press. He has made many contributions to Brazilian culture, making it essential to do a show in his honor.

We start with 3 new recordings that were made specifically for a Veloso compilation. Also featured are many Veloso duets, many Veloso covers and songs by the legend himself. Here's to another 70 years!

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